U.S. Housing Boom

U.S. Housing Boom: More Real Estate Investors Are Releasing Equity to Purchase Their Second Home!

The pandemic and rising level of inflation have birthed a global housing boom. This spike prompted U.S. property investors to invest in a second home and building their real estate investment portfolios. Sophisticated U.S. real estate investors can foresee that rental prices will steadily increase along with rates. The question is; how exactly are they pulling this off? By releasing their equity for existing realestate!  It’s safe to say that this trend began in last year’s second quarter. As per stats from Black Knight, […]

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Buying Property In The U.S.

The top 10 U.S. cities to buy a home for under $250,000

The U.S. property market has been a wild ride for the past few years. As millennials move from metropolitan areas to the suburbs and interest in vacation homes has spiked, home prices have also jumped. Whether you’re buying your first home or building your real estate portfolio, picking the correct city to invest in could […]

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Hawaii's property appreciation

From the warm, sandy beaches of Waikiki to the lava-flowing volcanos on the island of Hawaii (Big Island), we compare real estate prices in The Aloha State of Hawaii. Enjoy.

Hawaii’s property appreciation is one of the main reasons the Aloha state brings in many real estate investors, overseas and local. There is no shortage of tourists looking to rent a property, and long-term rental yields are some of the best in the U.S. For U.S. expats and Foreign Nationals looking to invest in Hawaii, […]

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mortgage for foreigners in usa

From Florida’s sunny shores to New York’s trophy buildings – we compare real estate prices on the east coast.

America’s East Coast housing market is home to the best real estate to invest in the world. From sunny Florida to New York excitement, we feature the average cost per home, rental prices and cost per square foot. Where do you get the most value for your dollar? Enjoy.  Moving or investing in America’s East […]

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Atanta GA & Sydney AU Real Estate

From Hong Kong to Austin. London to Miami. We compare real estate with the most bang for your buck!

Globally real estate markets are red-hot, and even a pandemic can’t stop it. For the U.S., mortgage applications for foreigners to purchase U.S. real estate have consistently expanded year-over-year as property prices in most global cities have reached record highs.  What makes the U.S. real estate market so enticing to investors?  Anyone who has invested […]

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