Average U.S. rental yields are 8% and rising!

8% and Rising! That’s right! Not a typo. The average rental yield in the U.S. is 8%. It is unheard of in any major country, and it is quite a shock to nearly everyone who hears this, but it’s true. More importantly, we have a loan program specifically-created for international investors looking for an easy […]

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Housing Market | U.S. Expat Mortgage

Is the housing market going to crash? What the experts are saying

Curious how America Mortgages qualifies a foreign national or U.S. expat borrower for a U.S. mortgage loan while living abroad? We’ll explain this at the end of the article. Stay tuned. Key takeaways from this week’s Bankrate article: Despite today’s high mortgage rates, home prices continue to rise due to a lack of housing supply. […]

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Mortgage Lenders in America

Global Cities Price & Rental Yield Comparison

Our research team has put together fantastic comparisons of the average property prices of the major global cities and their respective rental yields. *The price per square meter refers to the cost of a 120 square meter apartment in the city center. As you can see, property prices are high in the world’s major global […]

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U.S. Property | Foreign National Mortgage

Q&A: Managing U.S. Property from Abroad

During our recent webinar titled “Managing U.S. Property from Abroad,” hosted by Phil Gerathy (PG), Managing Director at Austplan Management Inc, and featuring America Mortgages’ CEO Robert Chadwick (RC), they addressed numerous questions regarding property management in the U.S. and financing options for investors. For those who missed the webinar, the recording is available here. […]

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International Mortgage Loans | U.S. states

How to determine which state to buy in?

As a professional investor for most of my life, I have developed systems to derive my investment choices.  For real estate, I prioritise positive cash flow and, to a lesser extent, capital appreciation, although both are correlated.  Real estate investment is not to be confused with a second home, pied-de-terre, or vacation home. These are […]

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International Mortgage | Home Equity

Turn your home equity into cash!

Need cash fast?    We can help you tap into your home equity today! We are living in a world where the availability of credit has become nearly non-existent with retail banks preferring not to lend.   We are conditioned to think of our local bank as the only option but in fact there are private lenders […]

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U.S. Mortgage | Property Investing

The BRRRR Method of U.S. Property Investing for Overseas Investors

The BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) real estate investment strategy is a popular approach that involves finding a mispriced/distressed property, fixing it up, renting it out, and then using a Cash-Out Refi to pull cash out towards another property purchase. The mindset shift focuses on 2 things: finding a mispriced property, “forcing” appreciation, and then pulling cash out […]

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Buy House In USA

Top 5 U.S. Record-Smashing Luxury Home Sales of 2023

Despite the overall decline in home sales in 2023 due to increased interest rates, high-net-worth U.S. real estate investors remained active in the luxury market. In the third quarter of 2023, the luxury market outpaced the mainstream market, growing three times faster. According to Jason Aleem, Redfin’s Senior Vice President of Real Estate Operations, paying […]

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