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Welcome to America Mortgages’ Insurance Options

Welcome to
America Mortgages’ Insurance Options

Our trusted insurance partner Steadily Insurance will assist you in obtaining a quote for Homeowners Insurance as well as other insurance needs.

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Who is Steadily landlord insurance for?

Landlord insurance (also known as rental insurance) is a policy for people who rent their homes to others. Landlord insurance is not required for a landlord, but insurance can bring many benefits:

  • Create advanced list items
  • Fire and water damage
  • Financial protection against natural disasters
  • Protection for your furnishings

Properties we cover

We make it easy to get property insurance for whatever type of property you own.



Vacant or restoration

Apartment building

Condo units


Not sure if your home is insured?


Because of modern safety codes, fires have become rarer, but the fires that do start tend to cause total destruction of the property.


Broken pipes and appliance leaks are the most common and overall the most expensive property damage for rental properties.

Windstorm, hail, & lightning

Roof damage from storms has become increasingly common as the intensity and frequency of storms have increased over the last two decades.


Liability protection covers the cost of defending you and settling claims from tenants and their guests for injuries sustained on your property.

Vandalism & theft

Malicious mischief coverage, as it’s known, covers repairs to broken glass, graffiti removal, and replacement of stolen or damaged property like shared washing machines.

Riot and civil commotion

When violent protests break out, riot coverage can pay to fix property damage caused by looters and protestors.