Golden Opportunity to Invest in the U.S. Housing Market

Great news for non-resident investors eyeing U.S. real estate! Recent data from the Mortgage Bankers Association shows that U.S. mortgage rates have dropped significantly, reaching their lowest levels since early March. The average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage is now 6.87%, while the 15-year mortgage rate has declined to 6.49%. This drop presents a […]

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LLC | U.S. Real Estate Investing

Q&A: Why and How to Use an LLC for U.S. Real Estate Investing

Bobby Casey, Managing Director of Business Anywhere, and Robert Chadwick explored the strategic benefits of LLC formation for U.S. real estate investments. This webinar highlighted the importance of registering an LLC for property purchases, discussed Business Anywhere’s simplified setup process, and provided effective strategies for mitigating litigation risks. For those who couldn’t attend, the recording […]

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Real Estate Mortgage Loans

U.S. Multifamily Real Estate Mortgage Loans Are Now Available to Non-U.S. Residents!!

As savvy investors already know, U.S. real estate investment has long been considered a fantastic opportunity for building wealth and ensuring financial stability. Until this week financing for foreign nationals and U.S. expats has been mainly limited to 1-4 unit properties. America Mortgages is proud to announce that we have made these mortgage loans available […]

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International Loan | Home Equity

Turn your home equity into cash (globally)!

Need cash fast? Tap into your home equity today! U.S. homeowners are the most “equity-rich” they have ever been, thanks to their home equity increasing over 32.2% since 1Q2021. That’s a year-over-year gain of over $3.8 trillion for the entire housing market.  This significant increase in home equity has provided many homeowners with the opportunities […]

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Buy House In USA | US Expat Mortgage

Singaporean Couple Masters U.S. Real Estate Investing with Purchase and Refinance Strategies

The Client Our client, a Singaporean couple, went from novice real estate investors to building a portfolio of 12 U.S. properties in a matter of 4 years, quitting their jobs and establishing themselves as sophisticated real estate investors. They went on to teach others how to do the same. How We Helped Our America Mortgages […]

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U.S. Mortgage Rates

Curious About 2024 U.S. Mortgage Rates?

Curious about what’s happening with mortgage rates in 2024? It’s a hot topic right now. Experts say rates might drop to about 6% after hitting nearly 8% due to recent changes by the Fed. But here’s the deal: understanding these predictions feels like a rollercoaster. Some experts say rates might drop further, while others predict stability […]

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International Mortgage | Home Equity

Turn your home equity into cash!

Need cash fast?    We can help you tap into your home equity today! We are living in a world where the availability of credit has become nearly non-existent with retail banks preferring not to lend.   We are conditioned to think of our local bank as the only option but in fact there are private lenders […]

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U.S. Mortgage | Property Investing

The BRRRR Method of U.S. Property Investing for Overseas Investors

The BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) real estate investment strategy is a popular approach that involves finding a mispriced/distressed property, fixing it up, renting it out, and then using a Cash-Out Refi to pull cash out towards another property purchase. The mindset shift focuses on 2 things: finding a mispriced property, “forcing” appreciation, and then pulling cash out […]

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Mortgage For US Expats

How Can Singaporeans Obtain a U.S. Mortgage?

Singapore is known for academics and education, with many high school graduates attending the best universities in the world! Similarly, the U.S. is known for having most of the top global universities. Singapore currently has 21,666 students studying abroad, according to UNESCO, and according to a recent Open Door report, Singapore had 3,901 students studying […]

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