Qualify Using Rental Income Only with AM’s No Ratio Mortgages

Do you know what “Common sense” underwriting is? Common Sense underwriting is how America Mortgages qualifies U.S. investment properties for non-resident (foreign national and U.S. expat) real estate investors.

Think about it; if you were to buy a large commercial building, would you qualify on your personal income or the cash flow of the property? You’d qualify on the latter. That is how America Mortgages qualifies our clients when purchasing or refinancing U.S. real estate, regardless of loan size. It just makes sense. 

So, if you are thinking about investing in U.S. real estate but are concerned about your debt-to-income ratio or want the flexibility of not providing your personal income documents, our No Ratio Mortgage Loans could be the solution you need. America Mortgages offers a No Ratio Loan Program designed for U.S. expats and foreign national investors with common-sense underwriting. If the property can support the mortgage, the loan qualifies. It’s literally that simple. 

This type of financing doesn’t focus on your debt-to-income ratio like traditional loans do. It gives borrowers a more flexible way to qualify for a mortgage.

With No Ratio Mortgage Loans, you don’t have to share details about your income and debt levels. This flexibility allows the investor to focus on building their real estate portfolio, while providing the lender the assurance of knowing there is sufficient rental coverage. 

Benefits of No Ratio Mortgages:

Flexible Approval Criteria: Unlike traditional mortgages, our No Ratio Mortgage Loans doesn’t require you to disclose your income or debt levels. Instead, we focus on the property’s ability to generate enough rental income to cover the mortgage expense. 

Quick Processing: With fewer documentation requirements, our streamlined application process means you can receive approval for your loan faster than with conventional mortgages, allowing you to capitalize on investment opportunities quickly.

Privacy Protection: We understand the importance of privacy, especially for U.S. expats and foreign national investors. With AM’s No Ratio Loan Program, you can secure financing without having to divulge sensitive income details.

Higher Loan Amounts: Our program offers loan-to-value ratios as high as 75%, allowing you to finance properties with substantial value without being limited by traditional underwriting criteria.

Diverse Loan Options: Whether you’re interested in a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage or a 10-year fixed-interest-only mortgage with a total 40-year tenure, we offer a range of loan terms to suit your investment strategy.


  • Loan-to-value ratio as high as 75%
  • No tax returns or income verification required
  • No restrictions on cash-out financing
  • Simplified asset verification process
  • Interest-only terms available for investment properties

How to Qualify:

Down Payment: Be prepared to make a down payment of up to 25% or more, depending on the loan amount and property value.

Proof of Assets: You’ll need to provide evidence of your down payment in a bank account for a minimum of 60 days. The account can be in a foreign country.

Income Used to Qualify: When America Mortgages orders your property appraisal, we will request a supplement that states the rental income that could be generated based on the property and area. This will be used to calculate the income needed to qualify.

Is a No Ratio Mortgage Right for You?

If you’re a U.S. expat or a non-resident investor eager to invest in U.S. real estate, our No Ratio Loan Program could be the perfect fit for your investment strategy. Contact us today to discover how AM’s No Ratio Loan Program can help you achieve your goals in the U.S. real estate market. 

If you’d like to schedule a commitment-free meeting with one of our U.S. loan officers to explore your U.S. mortgage options, here’s our 24/7 calendar link.