Mortgages for U.S. Real Estate

Taking the “Pain” out of High Net Worth mortgages for U.S. Real Estate, without AUM requirements.

With inexpensive funding and various tax advantages, everyone should take advantage of the benefits of a mortgage when investing in U.S. real estate regardless of the loan size. However, why do the wealthy often find it increasingly difficult to obtain mortgage financing without AUM? With a portfolio of assets worth millions of dollars, one may assume that […]

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Group of successful business people
Portrait of group of successful businesspeople happy at work

You asked. We delivered! AM Portfolio+ is here! Boom!!

What is AM Portfolio+? The America Mortgages’ Portfolio+ program is a streamlined debt service coverage mortgage loan over multiple residential investment properties. It is one loan with blanket collateral over a minimum of 2 properties and up to 100+. Similar to our AMIRM program announced last week, AM Portfolio+ does not require any personal income […]

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America Mortgages’ Investor Rental

Real Estate Investors Rejoice! AMERICA MORTGAGES’ INVESTOR RENTAL. Qualify for a U.S. Mortgage using ONLY the property’s rental income!

“Traditional” banks will require income documents before approving a real estate mortgage. You will need to qualify based on your declared income using tax returns, less your monthly debt servicing. That is fine for a “traditional” investor; however, at America Mortgages, we deal with various real estate investors, and 100% of them live and work […]

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AM's Liquid Portfolio Mortgages
All you need to know about AM's Liquid Portfolio Mortgages!

All you need to know about AM’s Liquid Portfolio Mortgages!

Heard of the term “asset rich but cash poor”?  It’s a common issue among entrepreneurs “working for equity” or high net worth investors who report low income but have sizeable real estate portfolios. Traditional banks require pay stubs, employment letters, and credit scores (we have fantastic programs for this as well), but many of us […]

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Afraid of a Wolverine

Who’s afraid of a Wolverine?

You should be! As we know, The Wolverine is the school mascot of the University of Michigan, the publisher of the widely referenced monthly Consumer Sentiment Index. This index in early August reached the lowest level since 2011!! Consumer Sentiment Index Why is this happening? This “Stunning Deterioration”, as Bloomberg puts it, is a strong reflection […]

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Hedonism affect CPI

Does Hedonism affect CPI?

Can Hedonism affect CPI? Yes, it can… Well…not “hedonism” in the pleasure-at-all-costs-kind-of-way but Hedonic pricing, which is how CPI is constructed. Without getting too deep into the math behind it, we can say that it tends to underreport the actual number. As most of you have seen, July CPI was +5.4% year-on-year. While that is […]

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U.S. Residential Property Investment

Making a case for U.S. Residential Property Investment: “Let’s Look Under the Hood”

Making a case for U.S. Residential Property Investment “Let’s Look Under the Hood” In the previous 2 weeks, we have discussed U.S. real estate investment’s relative affordability and income potential. In this week’s Deep Dive, we will look at what the Key Drivers of Property Prices are and make an argument on which U.S. cities represent the best […]

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