Atanta GA & Sydney AU Real Estate

From Hong Kong to Austin. London to Miami. We compare real estate with the most bang for your buck!

Globally real estate markets are red-hot, and even a pandemic can’t stop it. For the U.S., mortgage applications for foreigners to purchase U.S. real estate have consistently expanded year-over-year as property prices in most global cities have reached record highs.  What makes the U.S. real estate market so enticing to investors?  Anyone who has invested […]

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Holiday/Airbnb Investor Program

Is a vacation home a good investment?

Everyone wants to live in The Bu… The Bu is, of course, Malibu, California… known as the mecca for Airbnb rentals as well as Charlie Sheen’s house in ‘Two and a Half Men.’ One thing the pandemic has done for all of us is force us to think about the next stages of our lives […]

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AM U.S. Expat Mortgage
Real Estate Investor Toolbox Introducing "AM U.S. Expat Mortgage +"

Real Estate Investor Toolbox Introducing “AM U.S. Expat Mortgage +”

Are you a U.S. citizen living and working abroad? Have you tried to apply for a U.S. mortgage, and the person on the other end of the call thought Singapore was in China or the Netherlands and Holland are two different countries? Sigh. We understand. America Mortgages ONLY focus is providing U.S. market rate mortgage […]

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Mortgages for U.S. Real Estate

Taking the “Pain” out of High Net Worth mortgages for U.S. Real Estate, without AUM requirements.

With inexpensive funding and various tax advantages, everyone should take advantage of the benefits of a mortgage when investing in U.S. real estate regardless of the loan size. However, why do the wealthy often find it increasingly difficult to obtain mortgage financing without AUM? With a portfolio of assets worth millions of dollars, one may assume that […]

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Group of successful business people
Portrait of group of successful businesspeople happy at work

You asked. We delivered! AM Portfolio+ is here! Boom!!

What is AM Portfolio+? The America Mortgages’ Portfolio+ program is a streamlined debt service coverage mortgage loan over multiple residential investment properties. It is one loan with blanket collateral over a minimum of 2 properties and up to 100+. Similar to our AMIRM program announced last week, AM Portfolio+ does not require any personal income […]

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