BRRRR Method

Have you heard of the BRRRR Method?

Real estate investing can be lucrative, but it requires careful planning and strategic approaches to maximize returns. One popular strategy gaining traction among investors is the BRRRR method, which stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat. This method allows investors to leverage their capital, generate cash flow, and build a robust real estate portfolio. When […]

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Insane Record Smashing Luxury

America’s Insane-Record-Smashing Luxury Home Sales of 2022

The United States is home to some of the world’s most luxurious and opulent properties. From sprawling estates in the heart of Los Angeles to oceanfront estates in New York, these homes are a testament to the extraordinary wealth and success of the individuals who own them.  According to Mansion Global, these are the 6 most […]

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Invest in U.S. Real Estate

Marry the Property, Date the Rate

What will the 2023 U.S. real estate market look like? Even a crystal ball or Nostradamus may have difficulties with this one. Ultimately, the outlook for the real estate market in 2023 will depend on a range of economic and market forces, and it is difficult to predict with certainty. The one certainty we can […]

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Rental Property

Top Landlord Friendly U.S. States to Own Property in!

Being a landlord is one of the best ways to build consistent, passive monthly income through real estate investing. However, not all states are equal when it comes to landlord-tenant laws, taxes, and competition, making it crucial for property investors to understand the top landlord friendly states before buying an investment property. This article discusses the […]

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Portfolio Loan Interest Rates

Real Estate Investors Rejoice! AM Concierge is here!

With the continued home shortage in the U.S. of more than 3.8M properties, property developers are pulling back on new projects, and despite rising mortgage rates, U.S. property prices are holding strong. For the remainder of 2022 and going into 2023, The Washington Post stated recently, “As mortgage rates rise, prices should moderate, but low inventory will […]

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Loan For Foreign Property | easiest U.S. mortgage to qualify

The easiest U.S. mortgage to qualify for, and America Mortgages has it!

As many of you know, America Mortgages offers two main ways to qualify to purchase or refinance investment real estate in the U.S. – either using personal income or using only the properties’ projected or actual rental income. For two main reasons, most of our clients use the latter. One, their income may be extremely complex […]

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Buy House In USA

U.K. Alert – Top 5 Q&A Regarding U.S. Real Estate

Did you know? Non-U.S. resident investors purchased $59 billion worth of home purchases in the past year, a 9% leap from 2021, according to a report from the National Association of Realtors.  We asked 387 of our U.K.-based readers their top 5 questions regarding purchasing an investment property in the U.S.  Below, we answer those […]

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U.S. Home Prices - America Mortgage

Ex-post, Ex-ante + Which States are Equity-rich?

Ex-post Biden cancels $10,000 in student debt – timing before the mid-term elections are interesting, but no one can deny that it is a big problem that is stifling growth in many ways. The main event was Federal Reserve chairman Powell’s speech at Jackson Hole, which was a reminder that inflation is being treated more […]

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