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Loan For Foreign Property | easiest U.S. mortgage to qualify

As many of you know, America Mortgages offers two main ways to qualify to purchase or refinance investment real estate in the U.S. – either using personal income or using only the properties’ projected or actual rental income. For two main reasons, most of our clients use the latter. One, their income may be extremely complex or documented insufficiently, or two, they plan to move quickly with a streamlined, minimal documentation approach.

Difficult times call for creativity and common sense.

At the beginning of the year, qualifying based on rental income, otherwise known as DSCR was easy. Rates were low, rental yields were stable, and properties cash flowed on paper very easily. Since the beginning of the year, rates have continued to increase. Overall, rates remain historically low when you look at the U.S. mortgage market over the last 20 years. Rental yields have continued to climb to record levels, however, documenting these rental yields through an appraisal, which is how we underwrite these loans, has become increasingly challenging as there is typically a lag in rental comps to support the higher rents.

This presented our team with a problem; In the current environment, in order to qualify for a “standard” DSCR loan, clients were required to put more money down to keep the underwriting numbers in line. In general a DSCR loan requires the rental income listed in the appraisal to be greater than or equal to the mortgage payment. Unfortunately, it’s going to take time for rental appraisals to correlate with the higher rental yields, to where DSCR will be a viable option again. However, we have a solution…

Rejoice Global Investors…Introducing America Mortgages’ No-Ratio Mortgage Loans!

“No-Ratio loans,” have recently been introduced as options to help clients with minimal down payments to leverage a higher LTV without the constraints of waiting for rental yield to catch up. You might ask yourself – why would someone want to go into a loan knowing the property cash flow doesn’t cover the mortgage payment?

It’s a good question! This is common sense underwriting and as mentioned previously, the rental comps mentioned in the home’s appraisal sets the cash flow target. Rental comps are hard to measure; they are dependent on when tenants in your area have renewed their leases, are the renewed leases at market rent, etc. This measurement is often not the rental amount the client is buying the property for. It is very common to review an appraisal and see rental comps being used where rents haven’t been raised in years; this is likely because it’s a stable tenant, the landlord isn’t in need of maximizing the yield and prefers to keep a stable tenant – a problem when trying to get the maximum rental amount on an appraisal and a cash flow loan to work.

Here at America Mortgages, we put a lot of emphasis on figuring out the client’s plan for the property. How do the rental comps in the area look versus what their realtor believes they can rent it for? Are they buying for long-term rentals or short-term rentals? All of these questions plan into the type of mortgage program they will utilize – and now more than ever, it’s the no–ratio loan that allows them to avoid the hassle of counting on rental comps in appraisals and still put minimal down into the mortgage as possible – they also understand the ability to refinance the loan when rates improve in the future – which they will.

Bottom line, America Mortgages’ clients are sophisticated and seasoned U.S. real estate investor. Our U.S. loan officer based in 12 different countries know and understand the market. Better than anyone else. We listen to all our clients requests, and if possible we find a solution which fits the market and  “makes sense”. No Ratio Mortgage Loans is such a solution!

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Australian executive purchases apartment unit in St. Louis, Missouri.

Australian executive purchases apartment unit in St. Louis, Missouri

The Client

Our client, an Australian Executive, wanted to invest in an apartment unit that was in an unliveable condition in St. Louis, Missouri, to fix and hold it.

How We Helped

Finding a lender was not easy for our client as he had no U.S. credit. He reached out to us in hopes that we’d be able to assist him. Within 20 days, our team found a lender using his local credit score and ARV and at an amazing rate of 7.85%!

We found the client a very competitive foreign national mortgage, and they were able to take advantage of this Tax Incentive.

Loan Details

NationalityProperty ValueLoan AmountARVRate
Australia Citizen$450,000$247,50050%7.85%
TermAddressProperty TypePurposeLoan Type
12 MonthsSt. Louis, MissouriSingle-Family HomeFix-and-HoldResidential

Can Foreigners Buy Property in USA?

Foreigners Buy Property in USA

If you’re from Hong Kong, Singapore, China, or even India, real estate prices have increased beyond the point of where you can maintain a positive yield, but this isn’t true in the USA. So, can foreigners buy property in USA?

Yes, but no one said that trying to buy a home in America as a non-U.S. citizen, resident, or foreigner isn’t going to be tricky, at least initially.

If you’re wondering whether a non-resident can buy US real estate, the short answer is “yes”, but it’s easiest if you pay cash. If you need financing to purchase US real estate as a non-citizen, getting a mortgage is challenging, which is why America Mortgages ONLY specializes in these types of mortgages.

Can Foreigners Buy Property in USA?

Anyone may buy and own property in the United States, regardless of citizenship. Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Indonesia, and other countries in Asia focus on the U.S. when investing in real estate. Since there are no laws or restrictions that prevent individuals with foreign citizenship from purchasing or owning property in the USA, it is the perfect place to invest.

Besides investment in real estate, many foreign nationals /non-US residents purchase vacation homes in the United States. Many wealthy foreign investors purchase investment property such as multi-unit apartments or condos, single-family homes, and even business properties like shopping malls.

Getting a US mortgage as a non-resident

Purchasing a house in the U.S. as a foreign citizen is simple if you plan to pay in cash (or having all the money saved to buy the home in one lump sum). If you’re not in the financial position to purchase a home with cash or find leverage is a better option for you, you’ll need to obtain a mortgage loan to purchase a property. This is where the process becomes tricky. Fortunately, America Mortgages’ primary focus is on the U.S. market, and its only focus is these types of mortgages.

Most U.S.-based mortgage lenders look at a borrower’s U.S. credit history to determine their eligibility for a mortgage loan. As a non-U.S. citizen, you don’t have a U.S. credit report, making it difficult for lenders to analyze the risk of loaning you money to purchase a home. That means your lender will elevate your risk factor as a borrower. This doesn’t have to be the case. Nor do you have to stay up late at night in Asia, calling lenders, brokers, and banks trying to find someone that will understand your situation. It may take you longer to find a lender who is willing to work with you, and it may take longer to get approval for your mortgage loan. You might also pay a higher interest rate.

We understand the complexity of analyzing risk, calculating foreign income, and alternative sources of acceptable credit verification. We do it all day, every day. It’s not difficult if you know the terrain, and in most cases, we can find a U.S. mortgage loan for every client.

Implications for Selling a U.S.-based Property as a Foreigner

Eventually, you might decide to sell your U.S.-based property. Before you purchase property in the U.S., it’s good to be aware of the rules and requirements should you choose to sell your property in the future. The IRS requires that buyers of property from foreign citizens withhold 15% of the amount realized on the disposition. If the buyer does not withhold this amount, they may be responsible for additional taxes. The rules surrounding this are somewhat complex but are outlined in the IRS FIRPTA publication, and more information can be found in the International Tax Gap Series.

It would be best if you worked with an agent you trust who won’t push you beyond what you’re comfortable offering or rush you into making a bad decision. Although we do not sell Real Estate ourselves, our network within the Real Estate world, especially within the U.S., is not only strong but also vetted. We are happy to point you in the direction of agents we have worked with in the past.

One of our associates or partners will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding mortgage financing for your investment.

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