Curious About 2024 U.S. Mortgage Rates?

Curious about what’s happening with mortgage rates in 2024? It’s a hot topic right now. Experts say rates might drop to about 6% after hitting nearly 8% due to recent changes by the Fed. But here’s the deal: understanding these predictions feels like a rollercoaster. Some experts say rates might drop further, while others predict stability or even slight increases. It can all be a bit confusing, especially for non-U.S. citizens and U.S. expat investors who are new to this market.

It’s worth noting that many discussions about future rates do not come directly from the Fed. Instead, they are interpretations made by experts using current economic data. These interpretations can vary widely, making it unwise to rely solely on interest rate predictions when making real estate decisions.

What could interest rate cuts mean for the U.S. 2024 election?

Arriving less than a year before the presidential contest, the announcement raised a separate consideration: What the rate cuts could mean for President Joe Biden’s re-election bid.

“A good economy benefits an incumbent,” Ray Fair, a professor at Yale University who oversees a model that forecasts elections based on economic conditions, told ABC News. “A bad economy goes the other way.” Will this be used as a tool to boost the economy and potentially get Biden re-elected? That seems to be the million-dollar question.

In theory, lower interest rates make borrowing less expensive for businesses and consumers, propelling companies to invest in new projects and everyday people to stretch for bigger purchases. That all should help propel economic growth and buoy consumer optimism.

In turn, a major economic surge could benefit Biden, dispelling concern about a recession and improving the livelihoods of everyday people, as suggested by some analysts.

Time will tell.

What will happen to U.S. real estate prices if interest rates are lowered?

The experts we spoke with agree that a drop in interest rates will likely drive up demand, which, in turn, will drive up home prices. They anticipate that the resulting supply-demand imbalance will further drive up prices.

What are we recommending at America Mortgages?

If you believe the writing on the wall and find yourself on the fence, weighing whether to buy now or wait for further interest rate drops, consider this: you may miss out on the potential appreciation of the property. You can always refinance a property when it makes sense. You can’t always get the best price when you buy.

So, if you’re thinking about investing in U.S. real estate in 2024, ask yourself: would you want to pay a lower price for the home and maybe have a higher interest rate but have the option to refinance if rates go down? Or would you want a lower interest rate, even if it means paying more for the home and not being able to refinance later?

How much will prices increase on the next rate drop?

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