America Mortgages Announces a Way to Obtain U.S. Mortgages based on Rental Income Only

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America Mortgages, the leader in U.S. mortgage originations launched a non-QM lending program for non-resident investors to qualify purely off the rental income

SINGAPORE, September 21, 2022 / — America Mortgages, Inc., the leader in U.S. mortgage loan originations for non-resident foreign nationals and U.S. Expats announced today that the company has launched its non-Qualified Mortgage (“non-QM”) lending program for global U.S. real estate investors where showing their “true” ability to service debt is limited. America Mortgages Investor Series Platinum allows foreign and U.S. expat investors in the U.S. real estate market to qualify purely off the rental income rather than proof of personal or business income.

“As we look ahead to a healthy and growing non-QM market, we are excited to provide options to qualified borrowers that sit outside the traditional guidelines, such as entrepreneurs that may have significant paper assets but not provable income in the traditional sense.” said Robert Chadwick, CEO of America Mortgages. “With our leading lending platform, we have the expertise, resources, capabilities and sophisticated products to help complex borrowers find the right lending solutions and pursue their goal of creating a viable U.S. real estate portfolio.”

We have the expertise, resources, capabilities and sophisticated products to help complex borrowers find the right lending solutions and pursue their goal of creating a U.S. real estate portfolio. — Robert Chadwick

Through its America Mortgages Investor Platinum Series, America Mortgages has built a suite of multiple distinct mortgage products that meet the various needs of international borrowers of U.S. real estate who may not otherwise satisfy conventional financing requirements. Those who may be able to benefit from America Mortgages’ non-QM U.S. investment mortgage products include borrowers that fall outside the qualified mortgage requirement such as true foreign nationals and with no U.S. credit, self-employed borrowers, bank statement or asset backed, real estate investors, prime HNW (High-Net-Worth) individuals and more.

Across America Mortgages’ non-QM U.S. investment platform, the company has built an efficient lending process that utilizes both technology and human interaction, guiding borrowers from product selection through loan closing. Dedicated and experienced experts from sales, support desks, underwriting and operations working around the world assist throughout the loan process.

“As we further grow our footprint in Non Resident Foreign National and U.S. Expat mortgage lending, we are committed to underwriting quality loans that meet our guidelines and pricing models. Our product suite is differentiated with various options to fit specific borrower criteria and needs. Matched with our superior customer service, growing technology capabilities and end-to-end platform, each lending experience is treated delicately from start to finish. Our non U.S. resident foreign national borrowers will also benefit from our experience.” added James Morales, Head of Operations of America Mortgages. “100% of our clients are U.S. real estate investors living and working outside the U.S. No one does this type of mortgages better than America Mortgages.”

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas and Singapore, and with representation across 12 different countries including the UK, Australia, Canada, Europe and Hong Kong to name a few, America Mortgages specializes in finding the right loan for every borrower. With loan officers in 12 different countries, speaking 8 different languages and working on a 24 hour clock, there is no longer the need for international U.S. real estate investors to speak with lenders at 3am or spend hours on hold. America Mortgages’ offers a wide range of U.S. mortgage products that do not require U.S. credit and can get LTVs (Loan to Value) up to 75% in all 50 states. Helping global real estate investors make the dream of U.S. ownership attainable. Visit for more information on products and instructions on applying for a loan.

About America Mortgages and Global Mortgage Group

Founded in 2019, Global Mortgage Group PTE LTD [GMG], and headquartered in Singapore, is a full-service global mortgage financing firm offering mortgages for investment purposes in The United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Japan to name a few. For more information, visit or call +65 9773 0273.

Founded in 2020, America Mortgages, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Mortgage Group PTE LTD [GMG]. America Mortgages headquartered in San Antonio, TX, with representation in 12 different countries, is dedicated to providing U.S. mortgage options for non-resident Foreign Nationals and U.S. Expats. 100% of America Mortgages [AM] clients are living and working outside of the U.S. Both GMG and AM focus on building quality, long-term relationships with its partners such as Private Banks, EAM, Family Offices, Realtors and other mortgage broker located around the world by offering a wide variety of mortgage loan programs focused on specific markets with an exceptional client experience. For more information, visit or call +1 830-217-6608.

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Real Estate Investors Rejoice! AMERICA MORTGAGES’ INVESTOR RENTAL. Qualify for a U.S. Mortgage using ONLY the property’s rental income!

America Mortgages’ Investor Rental

“Traditional” banks will require income documents before approving a real estate mortgage. You will need to qualify based on your declared income using tax returns, less your monthly debt servicing. That is fine for a “traditional” investor; however, at America Mortgages, we deal with various real estate investors, and 100% of them live and work outside of the U.S – “traditional” is definitely not our type of clients.

Last week’s launchpad article talked about using your asset portfolio income to qualify for a U.S. mortgage. This week, we introduce our newest mortgage program, The America Mortgages’ Investor Rental Mortgage (AMIRM)!

What is AMIRM?

The America Mortgages’ Investor Rental Mortgage (AMIRM) is a debt service coverage mortgage (DSCR) that uses the borrower’s capacity to service or repay the yearly debt payment to the amount of net operating income (NOI) generated by the property. Lenders use the debt servicing coverage in the underwriting process. By using AMIRM, an investor may qualify for a property purchase or refinance using strictly the rental income. AMIRM does not require the borrower to provide any personal income documents, making the process quick, simple and very straightforward. If the monthly rental income (projected or current) covers the monthly mortgage payment and the incidentals such as tax, insurance, and monthly maintenance fee then the loan “debt services” and should be approved. It’s that simple!

Important takeaways of AMIRM:

  • The debt payment coverage ratio (DSCR) shows how much net cash flow is available to pay the mortgage, typically it is a 1:1 coverage.
  • When examining rental property performance, both real estate investors and lenders utilize the DSCR.
  • Possible to qualify on interest-servicing only.
  • The DSCR might fluctuate yearly, but the approval will be based on the current/project rental income.

The AMIRM determines whether or not a property generates enough revenue to cover the mortgage payments. When a real estate investor applies for a new loan or refinances an existing mortgage, lenders utilize the debt service coverage ratio as one of several factors to determine the maximum loan amount.

The greater the DSCR ratio, the higher the net operating income available to service the debt.

DSCR Formula

  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio = Net Operating Income / Debt Service

For instance, if a rental property generates $6,600 in rent monthly and the monthly mortgage payment is $6,600 (principal and interest), the debt service coverage ratio would be:

  • DSCR = NOI / Debt Service
  • $79,200 Annual NOI / $79,200 Annual Debt Service = 1:1

A DSCR of 1:1 indicates the property makes sufficient income to service the monthly debt.

While there is no industry standard for a substantial debt service coverage ratio in real estate, many lenders and real estate investors will strive for at least a 1:1 coverage. This indicates that, at the very least, the asset covers the minimal amount to service all debt payments.

While the debt service coverage ratio isn’t the only metric assessed when obtaining an AMIRM loan, it is an essential part of the approval process.

Why should you use AMIRM?

Self-employed borrowers often have complicated tax returns or income statements. Instead of a long-drawn-out dissection of your income, you can now simply qualify off the rental income. Period. We won’t ask for tax returns, pay statements, etc. If the property qualifies, the loan is normally approved. If you currently own U.S. property with positive cash flow but are concerned your personal income won’t allow you to release equity or apply for a lower rate, you can now qualify for a loan with your rental income! What better time than now to refinance your property? If these reasons have yet to convince you, here are a few more:

  • Applying for a new loan? Qualify for a higher-yielding property using AMIRM.
  • Investing in Commercial Property? Qualify with AMIRM.
  • Identify profitable rental properties based on rental income. Qualify with AMIRM.

If you’re interested in learning more about AMIRM, speak to one of our professional America Mortgages’ loan officers or email us at [email protected]

U.K. marketing VP buys investment condo in Philadelphia to boost passive income.

America mortgages

The Client

Our client had read about the tight housing supply in major college towns. He did some research and found Philadelphia as the best value.

How We Helped

Our client wanted to purchase a duplex very close to a university where he could rent to students. He had no U.S. credit, and to add to the complexity, he was self-employed and didn’t show his true ability to service the debt. We were able to get him 75% financing using his U.K. credit, and the debt servicing was structured solely around the projected rental income of the property he was buying.

Loan Details

NationalityProperty ValueLoan AmountLTVRate
U.K Citizen $260,000 $195,000 70% 6.125% Interest servicing only payments
Term Address Property TypePurposeLoan Type
5/1 ARM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Duplex Residence Purchase Residential
Nationality U.K. Citizen
Property Value$260,000
Loan Amount$195,000
Rate6.125% Interest servicing only payments
Term5/1 ARM
Address Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Property TypeDuplex Residence
Purpose Purchase
Loan TypeResidential