America Mortgages Launches No Ratio Mortgage Program for International Real Estate Investors

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SINGAPORE, October 27, 2022 / — America Mortgages, the world’s leading international mortgage brokerage, focusing on U.S. mortgage financing for non-resident investors, today announced the addition of a new Mortgage Loan Program that allows real estate investors to qualify using no ratio underwriting. This mortgage program for international investors features both fixed and adjustable rate mortgages (ARM), competitive rates, high LTV/LVR and loan amounts up to $5 million.

America Mortgages’ new No Ratio mortgage program can be used for investment properties in all 50 states. International borrowers can use credit from their home country to qualify.

Robert Chadwick, CEO of America Mortgages states “What makes this program very unique is that the borrower does not need to provide personal income documentation or rental income. Unlike underwriting requirements for conventional or standard non-QM mortgage loans that rely upon the information contained in tax returns, pay statements, rental income or various other ways to document income, America Mortgages’ no-ratio mortgages rely upon a borrower’s credit and overall financial profile. Self-employed borrowers find the relaxed documentation requirements of a no-ratio mortgage ideal, but it could also prove to be convenient for a salaried borrower with additional income that cannot be readily documented.” He goes on to state “This is a perfect loan program for all real estate investors when a conventional mortgage loan is not an option, and as there are no AUM requirements this is a perfect loan for our private banking clients.”

Although rental rates have increased at a much faster pace than mortgage interest rates, often borrowers have a difficult time qualifying using the standard DSCR formula where the loan qualifies on the projected rental income of the property. This is a perfect substitute for when DSCR or conventional income qualifying loans are not an option. America Mortgages’ No-Ratio loan allows a quick, viable and very aggressive loan option.

“We constantly strive to curate the best U.S. mortgage loan options for our global clients.” Stated Nick Worthing, VP of retail lending for America Mortgages. “As the market changes, we need to be fast, nimble and resilient. That is what keeps our company as the leader in U.S. mortgage financing for foreign national and U.S. expat investors”.

Some of the featured benefits of America Mortgages’ no-ratio mortgage include:

· Aggressive loan-to-value ratio (LTV) as high as 80% for both foreign nationals and U.S. Expats
· No tax returns or income verification
· No U.S. credit required
· Foreign passports allowed
· Investment property only
· Loans up to $5,000,000 or higher in some cases
· Loans available in all 50 states
· No restrictions on cash-out financing
· Interest-only terms available
· Approval within 72 hours

For more information on America Mortgages’ No-Ration U.S. Mortgage loan program, contact [email protected].

About America Mortgages and Global Mortgage Group

Founded in 2018, Global Mortgage Group PTE LTD [GMG], and headquartered in Singapore, is a full-service global mortgage financing firm offering mortgages for investment purposes in The United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Japan to name a few. For more information, visit or call +65 9773-0273.

Founded in 2019, America Mortgages, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global Mortgage Group PTE LTD [GMG]. America Mortgages headquartered in San Antonio, TX, with representation in 12 different countries, is dedicated to providing U.S. mortgage options for non-resident Foreign Nationals and U.S. Expats. 100% of America Mortgages [AM] clients are living and working outside of the U.S. Both GMG and AM focus on building quality, long-term relationships with its partners such as Private Banks, EAM, Family Offices, Realtors and other mortgage broker located around the world by offering a wide variety of mortgage loan programs focused on specific markets with an exceptional client experience.

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What do Red Packets and U.S. Real Estate have in common?

Red Packets and U.S. Real Estate

CNY: The Origin & Traditions

More commonly known as Chinese New Year, the Lunar New Year is more than just the beginning of a new calendar year. The Lunar New Year is viewed as a period of gathering and rebirth, denoting the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Legend has it that a wild monster, Nian, appeared at the end of every year, attacking and killing villagers. Firecrackers and bright lights were used to scare the beast away, and the Chinese New Year festivities were born.

For two weeks, the celebration incorporates the act of giving and ceremonies that bring in luck to invoke a prosperous and blissful year ahead. It all starts on the 26th day of the last lunar month when cakes and puddings are made, believing that eating them will lead to growth and progress in the upcoming new year.

Following that, a major clean-up is done in homes on the 28th day. It’s believed that the act of cleaning frees your home from any misfortune that is collected throughout the past year.

The main feast formally happens on New Year’s Eve, with loved ones gathering around the table as the countdown to New Year begins. The main dish is, more often than not, the hot pot. The reunion dinner addresses solidarity, unity, and togetherness, with loved ones gathering to eat without apprehensions or quarrels over food.

The menu is painstakingly picked to incorporate dishes related to luck, including fish (the Chinese word for it translates to “abundance”), puddings (represents headway), and food sources that appear as gold ingots (like dumplings).

Countries that observe the Lunar New Year regularly offer three to seven days of public holidays; however, festivities aren’t finished until the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, otherwise called the Lantern Festival.

Interest in Property Peaks during CNY

During Chinese New Year, many who celebrate believe that it’s the time of good fortune and that investments and new wealth acquired during this period will be beneficial to them throughout the year. For the high net worth, new wealth comes in the form of acquiring real estate or upgrading their current investment. 

Many who are considering buying real estate often use the holidays to do their research while traveling. Pre-Covid, Chinese New Year was the most popular time of year for travel by Chinese citizens. Global cities such as the U.S., Australia, Canada, and Singapore tend to see wealthy Chinese buyers looking to purchase property. 

In the U.S., with interest rates being low, these homebuyers often use the property as a summer vacation home. It is then used as short-term rental giving the owners passive income throughout the new year.

With America Mortgage’s Holiday / Airbnb Investor Program, investors can get up to 75% LTV in all 50 states. Best part? You can get pre-approved for this loan within 72 hours, and once approved; you’ll be issued an “approval letter,” which will allow you to go shopping! It’s as easy as it sounds.

Planning to usher in the new year with a property in the U.S.? Speak to us today and get pre-approved within 72 hours! [email protected]