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Age Limit - U.S. Mortgage

Is There An Age Limit For Getting A U.S. Mortgage?

Becoming a real estate investor is often seen as one of the universal signs of personal financial achievement, no matter what your age.

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mortgage for overseas property

American Expat teacher in Singapore refinances home in Tampa, Florida.

International school mathematics teacher purchased a home in 2019 with a high-interest rate.

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advisor mortgage group

Singapore high tech manufacturing company identifies Texas as a manufacturing hub.

The beneficial owner has had a connection to Texas having studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas.

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Foreigners Buy Property in USA

Can Foreigners Buy Property in USA?

If you’re from Hong Kong, Singapore, China, or even India, Real Estate prices have increased beyond the point to where you can maintain a positive yield.

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mortgage for overseas property

U.S. advertising executive in Manila refinances apartment in Newark, New Jersey.

The client wanted to take advantage of buying out his business partner but didn’t have the cash on hand.

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mortgage specialists international

U.S. Expat in Tokyo buys an apartment in Boston as a second home.

Since our client had business monthly in Boston, buying a home there seemed to make sense rather than staying in a hotel.

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