“The Matrix” – Where Do You Fit Here?

Happy Friday and we thought a reference to the 1999 Sci-Fi movie would be a nice way to end the week.   

I am not Neo, and we, of course, are not referring to “The Matrix” movie but how you fit into our “Loan Program Matrix.”

 ❌ Traditional Banks = one product to fit all borrowers

Offering a wide variety of mortgage options is something unique for international clients because we are conditioned to use a bank for a mortgage. Every bank more or less has the same loan anywhere in the world and qualifies more or less the same way as well.

America Mortgages = many products to match the client’s needs

In a world with more entrepreneurs, people having more than one income stream, or even the affluent with low reported income but significant assets – we need the right loan program for each borrower type.

An entrepreneur with no reported salary and working for equity in their startup would not be able to qualify for a traditional mortgage.

A high-net-worth individual that is very busy or too private to bother with a traditional mortgage would need something that suits their requirements. 

A parent who wants to buy an apartment in the town where their child is attending university and wants their child to “pay rent” to build up credit will also require a very different solution.

The Matrix

Where do you fit here?

Loan Programs for Foreign and U.S. Expats

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