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Investing in the largest real estate market in the world – the United States – can be a fantastic way to create future passive income. If you’re a non-US passport holder (foreign national) or a U.S. expat living overseas (Singapore or Hong Kong, for example), you may find it can be very complicated if not impossible when looking for a mortgage loan to buy real estate in the U.S.. Even American expats returning home and buying property in America fail to qualify for a mortgage loan from U.S. banks. Mainly because they don’t have a credit footprint or earned income in the U.S..

Read on to discover how you can easily obtain a U.S. mortgage loan regardless of your passport or place of residence.

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Meet the American mortgage loan experts right here in Singapore!

Creating a portfolio of real estate or a single property investment is a proven way to build wealth and pass down a legacy to your family. Asset appreciation, high rental yields, no stamp duty, low barrier to entry and a stable market are some of the factors that make the U.S. real estate market a fantastic investment.

However, before you go shopping for that new home with a pool in Florida or a penthouse apartment in Manhattan, the first step is getting a non-committal approval for a mortgage loan.

America Mortgages (AM) was set up in Singapore earlier this year to unlock the U.S. real estate market for buyers living outside America. The company is a subsidiary of Global Mortgage Group (GMG), the largest international mortgage ‘originator’ for U.S. real estate.

GMG was co-founded in 2019 by Donald Klip and Robert Chadwick, both ex-institutional bankers. The two Americans met in Singapore in 2018 and became friends. Robert’s professional experience was in U.S. mortgages, and he was a seasoned investor in U.S. real estate. Donald was a hedge fund manager and investment banker in Asia with global real estate investing experience.

Donald Klip and Robert Chadwick

As expats themselves, both Donald and Robert realised that obtaining a mortgage from a “traditional” bank in a country where you don’t live and/or hold a passport is frustrating and often impossible. This led to them establishing GMG. GMG now has loan options in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK and various locations in Europe, to name a few.

How America Mortgages helps you get a mortgage loan in America

While GMG specialises in residential, commercial, construction and bridge financing in different countries, America Mortgages’ sole focus is providing market rate mortgages specifically for the U.S. 100% of their clients are either U.S. expats or foreign nationals living overseas. Due to a very focused expertise, AM approves 97% of loans submitted.

Here are the key highlights of a U.S. mortgage loan for foreign nationals and U.S. expats:

  • For a non-U.S. citizen: maximum loan-to-value (LTV) is 75% for purchase and 70% for refinance and equity release
  • For a U.S. expat: maximum LTV is 80% for purchase and 80% for refinance and equity release
  • Minimum loan amount of US$150,000 and maximum of US$50,000,000
  • Fixed term options of 5, 10 and 30 years
  • All loans amortised over 30 years, regardless of borrower’s age
  • 10-year fixed interest-servicing-only payments available
  • Mortgage loans available in all 50 states
  • Self-employed and employed borrowers allowed
  • No U.S. credit or footprint required

So, whether you’re a global investor, buying a holiday home for yourself, an apartment for your child when they attend university or simply growing your investment portfolio to pass down to your children, it’s possible for you to buy property in America!

* Indicative values; rates are terms are subject to change

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The biggest myth of buying real estate in the U.S.

Although AM suggests that buyers should get advice from their attorney or tax advisor on investing in any real estate market, the myth of the States being a highly taxed country for buying U.S. real estate couldn’t be further from the truth.

For one, regardless of whether you’re an American citizen or a foreign national, there’s no stamp duty when purchasing property in the U.S. There are also no government limitations or restrictions on when or where a foreigner can purchase or sell property in America. Since there aren’t any cooling measures, this means that savvy investors are able to take advantage of properly researched locations and asset types. Yields and appreciation galore!

America Mortgages has been featured in Yahoo! Finance, The Mortgage Daily, Canadian Business Journal and other notable publications for its open architecture approach as well as providing borrowers with access to both in-house AM and third-party solutions to make informed decisions.

The AM team says that it shouldn’t have to be confusing, overwhelming or foreign to obtain a U.S. mortgage to buy property in America; they have loan officers throughout Asia and around the world with the depth of experience and knowledge required for resolving complex issues foreign national and expat borrowers may have that U.S. banks and brokers don’t know how to handle.

Far from being on the outside looking in, now what real estate investors get is a front-and-centre window into the U.S. market. You can open and close a transaction all while sitting in your living room in Singapore without ever getting on a plane!

Hear from an America Mortgages client

“The service and personal attention that we received from Donald and Robert was exceptional. They were patient and took the time to answer all of our questions while leading us through the mortgage process. Everything was handled professionally, efficiently and faster than the service we usually receive from our banks. We will definitely recommend America Mortgages to our friends and colleagues.” – Janey Schueller, Singapore

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Advantages Of Investment Mortgage Loans Over Cash Purchases

Investment Mortgage Loans

As a U.S. real estate investor, investment mortgage loans can be very beneficial to you. America Mortgages focuses specifically on these types of mortgage loans. There are several programs on hand that make it possible for people to get a mortgage to invest in real estate.

Some of them are better than others, but they can all help you out in some way. If you are considering getting a mortgage, here are a few advantages that you can get from an investment mortgage loan.


Use other people’s money – The biggest advantage of using investment mortgage loans is that you get to use other people’s money. Many financial experts have said that you should use other people’s money whenever you can. When you get a mortgage, you only have to put up a certain percentage of the property’s money, but you still get to benefit from owning the whole property. You get to take advantage of the property’s appreciation, and you get to use it for whatever you want. This allows you to hang on to your capital and use it for other investments.

Reasonable interest: With most mortgages, you will be able to get a very affordable interest rate as long with or without a U.S. credit score (FICO). When you get a low-interest rate like you can with an investment mortgage, it can save you a substantial amount of money. For the cost of the loan, it is usually well worth it to get a mortgage instead of using your funds. Hang on to your cash and use it towards additional investments.

Easy approval: With an investment mortgage, you will usually be able to tell whether you are approved relatively quickly. America Mortgages has pretty cut and dry standards when it comes to getting you approved for an investment mortgage. America Mortgages has loan programs for U.S. Expats with or without U.S. credit. We understand that living abroad often changes factors and your ability to borrow in the U.S. Our loan programs are tailored towards your exact situation.

Not a U.S. citizen, Foreign National, or considering relocating abroad for work or school? We can help. Our Foreign National / Non-U.S. citizen mortgage loans were created for these situations. Qualify with No U.S. credit. No U.S. residency. No income verification. It’s not simple, but we have it down to a science with our expertise in this market. You will know where you stand and if you will qualify within a reasonable amount of time.

Increase your reach: With the use of investment mortgages, you can increase your investment power. As you grow, you can keep buying more and more property. In Asia, where property prices have increased, and square footage and yield have decreased, finding an affordable investment outside your home country makes sense. Many people would not be able to purchase property otherwise as it usually takes a significant investment. You can keep picking up more and more stuff as you go.

Build your net worth: Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, and other large Asian cities have cooling measures to stabilize a fast appreciating Real Estate market mainly due to outside investment and the lack of affordable Real Estate options. Being able to build your net worth on a global scale gives with a reasonable mortgage loan that eventually you will have all of the property paid off gives you the same opportunity as anyone else regardless of your passport. You are free to do what you want with all of the property. If you had to rely on your funds for all of this, much of it would not be possible.

The Verdict

Using an investment mortgage can be a great way to get involved in the real estate investment market. Many people have gained considerable amounts of wealth through the use of real estate investment. Therefore, if you are considering getting involved in the field, you should definitely take advantage of investment mortgages. The advantages that you will receive as a result of using them will help you in a number of ways. If you can qualify for one, it makes a lot of sense financially. America Mortgages’ primary focus is helping non-U.S. citizens and Expats obtain prime, quality investment mortgage loans not only in the United States but on a global scale.

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