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America Mortgages saves Expat’s loan after getting denied by U.S. bank.

America Mortgage saves Expat client after loan gets denied by a U.S. bank.

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U.S. Expats in Australia gets a 30-yr fixed mortgage at 2.85%!

U.S. Expat in Australia gets a 30-yr fixed mortgage at 2.85%!

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Non-income tax reporting Saudi citizen purchases home in Phoenix to earn rental income.

Our client has previously studied at the University of Arizona and loved the lifestyle, food, and culture.

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How To Buy And Manage A Long-Distance Rental Property If You Live Abroad.

Investors sometimes ask if it makes sense to buy a rental property in another country when they live so far away.

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Real Estate Investing For Your Children’s Future.

One of the most unique and inexplicably happy events of life is having a baby. This little bundle of joy keeps everyone on their toes, creating madness around the house and your lives, but somehow, it all seems worth it. As a parent, you likely already have a retirement fund under your belt, but have […]

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America Mortgages Inc. is a mortgage broker focusing only on U.S. Expats and Foreign Nationals living overseas. We offer over 150 U.S. bank and lender programs direct to our international clients. America Mortgages is wholly-owned by Global Mortgage Group Pte. Ltd. an international mortgage specialist based in Singapore.

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