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Qualify For A Foreign National U.S. Mortgage Loan

It is now easier to qualify for a U.S. mortgage loan to purchase or refinance U.S. Real Estate even if you are NOT a U.S. citizen or have a valid U.S. Visa.

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U.S. Expat living in Singapore buys investment home in San Diego.

Our client came to us through his client, a technology founder who saw our press release about disrupting the U.S. mortgage space for overseas borrowers.

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What is a ‘Fixed-Rate Mortgage’ vs. an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage?

A fixed-rate mortgage keeps the interest rate fixed throughout the loan term.

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Hong Kong Migration Wave 2019 – Is This Time Different?

Is It Time to Invest in Overseas Real Estate

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What does ‘Principal’ mean in a mortgage?

Principal refers to the initial mortgage amount taken against the property you mortgaged.

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America Mortgages Inc. is a mortgage broker focusing only on U.S. Expats and Foreign Nationals living overseas. We offer over 150 U.S. bank and lender programs direct to our international clients. America Mortgages is wholly-owned by Global Mortgage Group Pte. Ltd. an international mortgage specialist based in Singapore.

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