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Introducing America Mortgages U.S. Property Finder Concierge Service

Many of you have asked for a “full-service” solution when investing in U.S. real estate. Getting a mortgage is only one step in the process. Often, finding the perfect property represented by a realtor with your interest in mind is the missing piece of the puzzle. You’ve asked… We’ve delivered! America Mortgages is excited to […]

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How Equity Rich Homeowners are Cashing In

U.S. homeowners have seen their equity increase by over 32.2% since the first quarter of 2021. That’s a year-over-year gain of over $3.8 trillion. This significant increase in home equity has provided many homeowners with the opportunities to cash in through home equity loans, cash-out refinancing, or home equity lines of credit (HELOC).  What Does it Mean […]

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Postcard from Austin

If you have been following the news, it’s no surprise Austin, Texas is by far the most popular destination for US property investors. This was echoed in our Deep Dive report, where we use empirical data to support this conclusion and the drivers behind its strong price appreciation and high (very) high rental yield.  I would […]

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Tax Strategies for U.S. Real Estate Investors living Overseas

There are many income tax issues that must be considered when a foreign national invests in U.S. real estate.   The analysis begins with the foreign national’s tax status in the U.S. tax system: 1) Are they U.S. citizens (dual citizens)?  2) If not, do they hold a “Green Card” that allows permanent U.S. residency status?   […]

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Tampa is Now the Hottest Housing Market in the U.S.

2022 has been a particularly hot year for the U.S. housing market overall, but in sunny Tampa, Florida, that market is scorching. The city was rated as the hottest market of 2022 by Zillow, outranking other hot markets like Austin, Texas, and Phoenix, Arizona. Overseas buyers likely know Florida for its excellent weather and as […]

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The Standard Home in Canada Now Costs Twice as Much as in the U.S.!

Canada’s housing market is hot. Home prices have rocketed 30% since early 2020, and the Canadian Real Estate Association recently reported that the average price of a Canadian home was nine times the average household income.  It wouldn’t be ridiculous to assume that things might be comparable just across the border to the south in […]

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