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Here’s the Mortgage Loan You’ve Been Waiting For!

As a foreign national or U.S. expat investor, there are times when you need liquidity fast than traditional banks may be able to move. America Mortgages’ bridge loans help investors bypass the complexities and time constraints of conventional financing, providing a seamless, efficient and quick solution for releasing liquidity or funding an acquisition.  What is […]

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America Mortgages and Steadily Insurance Join Forces to Offer Comprehensive Homeownership Protection For Global U.S. Real Estate Investors

Singapore/Texas – America Mortgages and Steadily Insurance have announced a strategic partnership to provide comprehensive protection to homeowners across the United States. This partnership brings together the expertise of two industry leaders, combining America Mortgages’ deep experience in the Foreign National and U.S. Expat mortgage industry with Steadily Insurance’s innovative approach to protecting homeowners from […]

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AM PrimeSelect: The Ideal Mortgage Solution for U.S. Expats with Foreign Income

Are you an American expat residing overseas, earning income from your foreign assignment, and filing U.S. income tax returns? America Mortgages has got your back with a specially designed U.S. Home Loan Mortgage program that considers your situation. With PrimeSelect, you can use two years of your U.S. tax returns and your monthly foreign income […]

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No Citizenship? No Problem! How to Get a U.S. Mortgage as a Non-U.S. Citizen

If you’re a non-U.S. citizen interested in buying an investment property in the United States, you might think getting a mortgage is out of the question. However, this is not necessarily the case. It is possible to obtain a U.S. mortgage even if you are not a U.S. citizen or have a green card. The […]

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Loans For Non Residents

Yes, U.K. residents can buy U.S. real estate!

With a mortgage from America Mortgages, any U.K. citizen can buy property in the United States. No laws in the United States, regardless of nationality, specifically prohibit non-citizens from purchasing or owning property in its states and territories. What was once reserved for the extremely wealthy and British rock stars has become more widely available. […]

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U.S. Mortgage

Is There A Minimum Age To Obtain A U.S. Mortgage?

No matter your age, becoming a real estate investor is frequently regarded as one of the universal signs of financial success. Although technically, in the U.S., even though there is no upper age limit for mortgage approval, there may be some age-related home-buying considerations you should be aware of. What’s the maximum age to qualify […]

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