U.S. Multifamily Real Estate Mortgage Loans Are Now Available to Non-U.S. Residents!!

As savvy investors already know, U.S. real estate investment has long been considered a fantastic opportunity for building wealth and ensuring financial stability. Until this week financing for foreign nationals and U.S. expats has been mainly limited to 1-4 unit properties. America Mortgages is proud to announce that we have made these mortgage loans available to all our clients regardless of their residency or passport!

“These types of properties present another opportunity for U.S. expats and foreign national investors seeking to invest in U.S. real estate, and America Mortgages is thrilled to introduce our newest mortgage program, AM MultiUnit+, designed specifically for non-resident investors looking to acquire 5-8 units,” states Nick Worthing, Vice President of Residential Lending.  

In this article, we explore why multifamily homes stand out as an excellent investment opportunity.

Why Invest in Multifamily Homes?

Steady Cash Flow: Multifamily properties provide several rental income sources from each unit, making sure that investors have a steady and reliable cash flow. This reduces the risk of losing all rental income in the event that one unit is vacant, unlike single-family homes where vacancy results in a complete loss of rental income.

Cost-Effectiveness: Managing multiple units within a single property is often more efficient and cost-effective than managing multiple single-family homes spread across different locations. Consolidating expenses such as maintenance, property management, and renovations can lead to lower per-unit costs and an increase in profitability.

Appreciation and Value: Multifamily properties typically appreciate in value over time due to the increasing demand for rental housing and strategic property improvements. Investors can boost their property’s value through renovations, leading to significant long-term capital gains.

Matrix Monthly YOY Chart | International Home Loans
Year-over-year multifamily rent growth, all asset classes. Yardi Matrix

Types of Multifamily Homes

There are various kinds of multifamily homes to consider, each offering different layouts and living spaces.

Apartments: Apartments are owned by a single entity and rented out to residents. They offer a range of affordability, from budget-friendly options to upscale and luxurious living. Some apartments have amenities like community pools, theatres, exercise facilities, gardens, or game rooms catering to various lifestyle preferences and budgets.

Condominiums: Condominium ownership is divided by each unit, with buyers sharing ownership of communal spaces. These units are designed to appeal to specific buyer markets, such as working professionals or seniors. Condominium communities offer the benefits of homeownership along with amenities and low-maintenance living, making them an attractive option for many.

Mixed-Use Developments: Mixed-use developments combine residential units with commercial, retail, entertainment, or cultural spaces. These developments offer residents convenience, with everything from grocery stores to public transit stations within close proximity. Living in a mixed-use development provides a blend of urban living and access to various amenities.

Student Housing: Modern student housing goes beyond basic dorms, offering luxurious amenities and contemporary designs. These spaces are located near university campuses and cater to the lifestyle preferences of today’s students. Many student housing developments feature amenities like spas, game rooms, and fitness centers, enhancing the overall living experience for residents.

Age-Restricted Communities: These neighborhoods are typically limited to residents aged 55 and older, focusing on social engagement and lifestyle amenities. Lifestyle directors, fitness classes, and social clubs are common features, providing ample opportunities for residents to stay active and engaged. Age-restricted communities offer a sense of community and camaraderie for those in the same stage of life.

Low-Income Housing: Government programs aim to make housing affordable for low-income families and individuals. Subsidized housing options are integrated into multifamily developments, providing essential support for millions of households. These units are often indistinguishable from market-rate units, offering affordable housing options without compromising on quality.

Benefits of Owning Multifamily Homes

Diversified Risk: Owning a multifamily property spreads the risk across several units. If one tenant moves out, the loss of income is less impactful compared to a single-family rental. This diversification makes multifamily homes a more stable and secure investment.

Scalability: Multifamily properties provide an excellent opportunity for investors to quickly expand their real estate portfolio. By acquiring a multifamily property, investors can increase their rental units and income potential without the need to purchase multiple single-family homes.

Community and Management: Multifamily properties often creates a sense of community among tenants, leading to higher tenant retention rates. As an investor, managing multiple units in one location simplifies property management tasks, making it easier to maintain the property and address tenant needs promptly.

AM MultiUnit+ Loan Program

At America Mortgages, we provide mortgage solutions for U.S. expats and foreign national investors. AM MultiUnit+ is designed to make the process seamless and accessible, especially for non-residents and U.S. expat investors.

Loan Highlights:

  • 5-8 units
  • Minimum loan amount: US$250,000
  • Loan-to-Value: up to 75% for purchase & 70% for cash-out 
  • Underwritten on Property cash flow
  • No U.S. credit required
  • No personal income required

Our seasoned mortgage advisors specialize in navigating the complexities of securing financing for multifamily properties. With personalized guidance from pre-qualification to closing, we ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience every step of the way.

Experience the simplicity of our streamlined approval process, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of foreign national investors. We consider factors such as projected rental income, making it easier than ever for investors to qualify for a mortgage.

With nationwide availability across all 50 states, you can confidently invest in the best markets for multifamily properties, whether bustling urban centers or high-growth suburban areas. Let America Mortgages be your partner in unlocking the potential of your multifamily investment journey! 

For more information, visit www.americamortgages.com or contact us at [email protected].

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