The New AM Commercial + is just for you!

If you live outside the United States, finding appropriate financing options for U.S. commercial real estate is extremely challenging. Our team of commercial mortgage professionals understands the requirements of Foreign Nationals, U.S. Expat borrowers regardless of where they earn their income or U.S. credit profile. 

Presenting AM Commercial +! A commercial mortgage designed specifically for non-resident real estate investors. 

What’s the difference between a commercial mortgage and a residential mortgage?

A residential mortgage is a type of amortized loan in which the debt is repaid in regular installments over a period of time, normally 30 years. Unlike residential loans, the terms of commercial loans typically range from five years (or less) to 20 years, and the amortization period is often longer than the loan term. This gives the borrower the flexibility to qualify without the commitment for long-term financing. 

A commercial mortgage is intended for borrowers buying or releasing equity for a property that is used for a business. AM Commercial + loan programs have been used for borrowing against assets such as office buildings, industrial facilities, or multi-family properties. Need to expand to the U.S. and need a base to operate from? AM Commercial + has you covered! 

There are various reasons why refinancing with an AM Commercial + mortgage would be beneficial. Regardless of whether it’s an income-based or a pure asset-based mortgage, AM Commercial + has you covered.

Key Loan Highlights:

  • Minimum loan amount is $1,000,000 with no maximum
  • No U.S. credit required
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Interest-Servicing Only (Interest-Only) payments are also available
  • Each loan is bespoke and structured specifically to your requirements

*Indicative only. Rates and terms are subject to change

The quickest method for getting a U.S. Commercial Loan? AM Commercial +

America Mortgages’ quick and easy application is all you need to complete. Our team will tap into our extensive curated network of U.S. lenders to find the best commercial mortgage option for you. Commercial loans for Foreign Nationals and U.S. Expats can be funded quickly depending on the type of qualifications. Unlike commercial bank loans, our process is quick and straightforward. 

Ready to apply or want to find out more?

When you apply through America Mortgages, your mortgage specialist will assist you with gauging the advantages and expenses of your financing choices. Depending on your situation, we normally have more than one option for you to consider. 

America Mortgages has a dedicated U.S. Commercial Lending Team, based globally with a broad network of U.S. lending relationships, including major banks, regional banks, pension funds, and real estate lenders, to name a few. What makes America Mortgages different is that 100% of our clients live abroad. We understand this type of lending better than anyone in our industry. 

Learn all about AM Commercial + when you speak to our team. [email protected]

Stay tuned for next week’s article where we introduce AM Holiday/Airbnb Investor Program for Foreign Nationals & U.S. Expats!