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Average U.S. rental yields are 8% and rising!

8% and Rising! That’s right! Not a typo. The average rental yield in the U.S. is 8%. It is unheard of in any major country, and it is quite a shock to nearly everyone who hears this, but it’s true. More importantly, we have a loan program specifically-created for international investors looking for an easy […]

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Question & Answers | America Mortgage

Q&A: U.S. Housing Market Masterclass – Strategies for Rate Reductions & Market Outlook

During our latest webinar, “U.S. Housing Market Masterclass – Strategies for Rate Reductions & Market Outlook,” hosted by America Mortgages’ CEO Robert Chadwick (RC) and co-founder of global mortgage group, Donald Klip (DK), attendees gained valuable insights into navigating the U.S. property market and optimizing financing opportunities. For those who couldn’t attend, the recording is […]

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U.S. Housing Market

U.S. Housing Market Masterclass – Strategies for Rate Reductions & Market Outlook Transcript

Our in-house industry experts delve into the intricacies of the U.S. housing market and provide valuable insights on how to position yourself for the anticipated interest rate reduction and market outlook.

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Housing Market | U.S. Expat Mortgage

Is the housing market going to crash? What the experts are saying

Curious how America Mortgages qualifies a foreign national or U.S. expat borrower for a U.S. mortgage loan while living abroad? We’ll explain this at the end of the article. Stay tuned. Key takeaways from this week’s Bankrate article: Despite today’s high mortgage rates, home prices continue to rise due to a lack of housing supply. […]

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Hot Investment Theme

Hot Investment Theme: Student Housing + Cities to invest in

When making an investment decision, whether we know we are doing it or not – we put them into strategies – rumours, hot tip, value, momentum, growth, high dividend etc. Investing in real estate is no different – what is your strategy? Capital appreciation Owning near a relative Trophy asset Potential immigration Distressed BRRRR Method […]

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Mortgage Lenders in America

Global Cities Price & Rental Yield Comparison

Our research team has put together fantastic comparisons of the average property prices of the major global cities and their respective rental yields. *The price per square meter refers to the cost of a 120 square meter apartment in the city center. As you can see, property prices are high in the world’s major global […]

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