Introducing America Mortgages U.S. Property Finder Concierge Service

Many of you have asked for a “full-service” solution when investing in U.S. real estate. Getting a mortgage is only one step in the process. Often, finding the perfect property represented by a realtor with your interest in mind is the missing piece of the puzzle. You’ve asked… We’ve delivered! America Mortgages is excited to launch a full-service mortgage and real estate solution for you, AM Concierge!

Upon being pre-approved for your mortgage, if requested you will be teamed up with a Certified International Property Specialists to help you with a key step of the transaction – finding the perfect property! This is NOT a requirement. If you already have a realtor you are working with or prefer to find a realtor on your own; please continue to do so. This is only an “extra tool” to assist if required. 

At America Mortgages, we believe that as a foreign investor there is more to finding a perfect investment property than most people think:

1. A mortgage loan tailored to your needs through a firm that are experts in non-resident, foreign national, and U.S. expat mortgage lending.

2. A great realtor will not only send you pictures and details about the home but look for and spot issues on the property you may not know exist. Someone that also understands non-resident, foreign national, and U.S. expat intricacies, will represent YOU and negotiate in your best interests only! 

Keep in mind, in the U.S. the buyer does not pay for the realtor’s commission. This is paid by the seller. It costs you nothing to have someone represent you in the transaction. 

Similar to America Mortgages, these realtors specialise in non-resident clients. They not only represent you in the transaction but understand the nuances of international buyers and will help you to navigate and negotiate the contract for your property.  

The best part about our AM Concierge service is that there is NO cost to you!

Whether you’re looking for a luxury summer home in the Hamptons or a rental apartment in the middle of the university area in Austin, Texas, reach out to us at America Mortgages to discuss how to get pre-approved for a U.S. mortgage loan. America Mortgages offers pre-approved U.S. mortgage loans normally within 72 hours after application and document submission. Once you have your pre-approval, you are ready to begin the search for your dream international property. 

At AM Concierge Service, we have a vetted and approved network of realtors in all 50 states that can assist you when buying a home as a foreign national, non-resident, or a U.S. expat. Our agents are friendly, compassionate, and understand the process of international home buying. These agents will work in your time zone and in your language to find a property that fits your requirements. 

Your perfect investment property does not have to wait any longer – contact us today and ask us about our AM Concierge Service. 

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