How Can Singaporeans Obtain a U.S. Mortgage?

Singapore is known for academics and education, with many high school graduates attending the best universities in the world!

Similarly, the U.S. is known for having most of the top global universities.

Singapore currently has 21,666 students studying abroad, according to UNESCO, and according to a recent Open Door report, Singapore had 3,901 students studying in the U.S. – a record number!

A typical Asian family will want to explore owning a property near the university the child will be attending – as a place to stay when visiting or if the student prefers not to stay in the dormitory.

After graduating, the property’s value often goes up. It might be enough to pay for college, or parents might choose to give the property to their child if they plan to work in the U.S. before returning home. This allows the child to build credit, something very important in the U.S.

However, not many can pay for a home with cash and just give up when they assume that obtaining a mortgage is not available. 

Contrary to what you may think…..

  • You CAN get a mortgage as a non-U.S. citizen or Expat living in Singapore
  • You DO NOT need U.S. credit or residency
  • You CAN QUALIFY based on your Singapore income OR by using the rental income of the U.S. investment property   
  • You CAN get market-interest rate mortgages while living in Singapore 
  • You CAN sign the closing documents at the embassy on Napier Road

Actually, we are the world’s first and only U.S.-based mortgage broker with offices in Singapore, right on Telok Ayer. Come visit us for coffee! 

Let us guide you through this process from: 

  • Introducing you to a realtor
  • Helping you screen for the best locations to buy
  • Setting up your LLC
  • Discussing the benefits of using an LLC
  • Introducing you to a property manager

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AM Student+ 

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