U.S. Real Estate Market

Foreign Buyers Flock to U.S. Real Estate Market: Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Invest

The U.S. real estate market is seeing a surge in foreign buyers, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. The COVID-19 pandemic had caused a lull in overseas investments, but now buyers are back and actively purchasing expensive homes, keeping realtors happy. One reason for this trend is the socio-political issues and crises in other […]

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Maximize Your Investment Potential in Texas: The Lone Star State’s Booming Real Estate Market

Investing in real estate in Texas is becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking to maximize their investment potential. The Lone Star State’s booming real estate market has attracted investors from around the world, and for good reason. Here’s a closer look at why Texas is such an attractive destination for real estate investment. […]

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Investment Destination

Texas Tri Area: Why Forth Worth, Dallas and Texas are the Ultimate Investment Destination

If you’re a foreign national or U.S. expat looking for the perfect investment destination, look no further than the Texas Tri of Fort Worth, Dallas and Texas. These locations offer a combination of a strong economy, population growth, and a thriving real estate market that make them an excellent investment opportunity for anyone looking to […]

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Real Estate Investment

Why Forth Worth and Dallas are the Next Hot Spots for Real Estate Investment

Real estate investors, non-residents, and U.S. expats alike are always looking for the next hot spot to invest their money in, and it seems that Fort Worth and Dallas are emerging as the top contenders. These cities offer a unique combination of affordable living, business-friendly policies, and a thriving economy that make them the perfect […]

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Investment Property in Texas

5 reasons why Texas is a GREAT state for property investment

Note:  From March 14-19, we will be showcasing single-family homes near Dallas, Texas, for sale. Starting at $390,000, these are great starter homes for those looking to build their investment portfolio. They are even more attractive when you take advantage of our 75% financing and property management services. Click here to sign up or learn more. In […]

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Q&A: Investing in Undervalued U.S. Properties with Nick Worthing & Rauf Said

During our recent live webinar on “Investing in Undervalued Properties,” our expert hosts, Nobel Sky International’s Founder, Rauf Said (RS), and America Mortgages’ Vice President of U.S. Lending, Nick Worthing (NW), received a lot of questions from the participants. Unfortunately, there was limited time to address all inquiries during the session. For those who missed […]

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Foreign Investors

Want to Buy a House in Canada? Not So Fast.

In recent years, Canada has seen a significant influx of foreign buyers purchasing real estate in major cities like Toronto and Vancouver. With the average home price more than 11 times the median household income after taxes, Canada has now become one of the most unaffordable housing markets in the world. In an effort to […]

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Insane Record Smashing Luxury

America’s Insane-Record-Smashing Luxury Home Sales of 2022

The United States is home to some of the world’s most luxurious and opulent properties. From sprawling estates in the heart of Los Angeles to oceanfront estates in New York, these homes are a testament to the extraordinary wealth and success of the individuals who own them.  According to Mansion Global, these are the 6 most […]

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