Can a UK citizen buy a house in the USA?

The USA has no laws that specifically prevent non-citizens from buying or owning property in its states and territories, regardless of nationality.

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Can a UK citizen buy a house in the USA?

With a mortgage from America Mortgages, any UK citizen can buy property in the United States.

The United States of America has no laws that specifically prevent non-citizens from buying or owning property in its states and territories, regardless of nationality. What was once limited to the ultra-rich and British rock stars has become more mainstream, with heaps of those living in the Home Islands grabbing their slice of the American Dream.

Our lending tiers start with residential units valued at a minimum property value of $200,000, with a minimum loan amount of $150,000 which is ideal for those seeking seasonal vacation units as a source of rental income. In addition, America Mortgages also offers commercial, portfolio, and bridge loans, all three of which require minimum loans of $1,000,000. 

Buy a house in the US

Buying property in the US for UK citizens can be just one step, however, because owning property in the US does not grant residency rights. If you are not a permanent US resident, the length of your stay is legally limited to the duration of your visa. Still, making substantial investments in American real estate is one path to permanent residency, and by extension, full citizenship (via naturalization).

US Green Card for UK citizens via Property Ownership

For example, the EB-5 visa can grant one conditional permanent residency, or a US Green Card, by investing a minimum of $900,000 (at the time this article was published), and while this does not offer instant citizenship, it can expedite US residency that might eventually lead to full citizenship. Although owning real estate in the United States doesn’t qualify as an investment into an EB5 program, it can be a factor in consideration when or if you decide to apply for residency. Please confer with an EB5 attorney or advisor.

US Property Market for UK Citizens

As the United States transitions to a post-pandemic economy, its housing market has heated up for several reasons, including an increase in home offices and those with the financial means motivated by a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). Unlike many other nations, however, UK citizens investing in US housing need to remember that it’s not a homogenous market: its 50 states and one federal district (Washington, D.C.) offer as much diversity within themselves as they do as a whole.

Best place to buy house in USA

For example, $10,000,000 can get you a massive 7-bedroom, 9-bath 10,000 square-foot ranch house on a large piece of pristine forested land in Colorado, but that same ten million dollars in New York City is the going price for a luxury 3,100 square foot apartment with three bedrooms and four bathrooms. But as mentioned above, UK citizens need not be in the top 1% of earners to purchase a home in the US, get in touch with us today to start your path to American property ownership.

Financing US Housing as a UK Citizen

America Mortgages provides comprehensive USA residential mortgage services for those living abroad, including UK citizens who wish to invest in US properties, as well as Foreign Nationals and American expats residing anywhere in the U.K. — England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Our global team of specialists is ready to help you — As America Mortgages only focus is very specific, we achieve approval on 97% of mortgages for US citizens and foreign nationals applications submitted through a vast network of the top 150 US lenders.

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