The Client

A U.S. Expat living in Hong Kong working in the IT field. He wanted to refinance his 4-bedroom Tempe, Arizona home, which used to be the family’s residence and is now used as a short-term rental so the family can use it over the summer school holidays.

How We Helped

The client was working for a global company. He was currently on his U.S. tax filings, but his income was foreign-earned, no “normal” payslip, no U.S. bank account, and no W2.

Once we had all the required documentation settled, we packaged the loan and shopped for the best rate and terms. Our mortgage specialists helped the client structure several letters of explanation regarding how his income was calculated and the use of the rental property (Airbnb).

A formal mortgage offer was received within ten working days and closed shortly after that. The client was able to lower his current interest rate by a full percent on a 30-year fixed savings of thousands of dollars in long-term financing costs.

Loan Details

NationalityProperty ValueLoan AmountLTVRate
U.S. Citizen $560,000 $448,000 80% 2.375%
Term Address Property TypePurposeLoan Type
15 year fixed Tempe, Arizona Single-Family Home Refinance Residential
Nationality U.S. Citizen
Property Value$560,000
Loan Amount$448,000
Rate 2.375%
Term15 year fixed
Address Tempe, Arizona
Property Type Single-Family Home
Purpose Refinance
Loan Type Residential

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