U.S. Expat buys distressed property in Oregon to fix and sell

The Client

U.S. Surgeon living in Toronto was looking to purchase a Flix-and-Flip property in Oregon as an investment, mainly to earn rental yield.

How We Helped

Fortunately for our clients, situations like this are our specialty. We secured a loan for ARV (after-repair-value) using a short-term bridge loan. Being an expat meant that our client had no W2 and lacked U.S. credit.

Loan Details

NationalityProperty ValueLoan AmountARVRate
U.S Citizen $550,000 $302,500 55% 6.55%
Term Address Property TypePurposeLoan Type
12 Months Corvallis, Oregon Single-Family Home Fix-and-Flip Residential
Nationality U.S. Citizen
Property Value$550,000
Loan Amount$302,500
Term12 Months
State Corvallis, Oregon
Property TypeSingle-Family Home
Purpose Fix-and-Flip
Loan TypeResidential

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