Rental prices are bouncing back! We see the biggest single-month increase in rent prices since the beginning of the global pandemic. Apartment rental app Zumper reports that the price of a one-bedroom unit increased by 1.1%, and the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in February rose 0.9%.

Through last year, Covid-19 disrupted the rental scene drastically. One-bedroom units in New York and Maine saw significant drops in rent prices. Even states like Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, and Virginia also saw median rent prices go down during the pandemic’s peak.

There’s still good news for U.S. real estate investors as in just 2 months into 2021, low rental rates have finally reached the bottom. In some cases, like New York City, San Jose, and Boston, it is actually the first time rental prices have increased since the first quarter of 2020.

We think these events have presented an excellent time to secure an investment property or second home. Besides being able to take advantage of the higher rental yields and improved cash flow, property values in these states will likely correct up as the market heats up this summer. What better time to do this than now?

The increase in rates is largely tied to the uptick in mortgage rates that has slowed down the demand for new home purchases and refinances. Notably, year-over-year rate comparisons show that in major cities, there are still some great deals available. In San Francisco, the average one-bedroom is now 24.3% more affordable than it was a year ago, and two-bedroom rentals are 23.6% cheaper.

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