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LLC and Tax Strategies

LLC and Tax Strategies for U.S. Real Estate Investors

What is an LLC or Limited Liability Company Investing in U.S. real estate can be an amazing opportunity for non-U.S. residents, offering opportunities for substantial yields, capital appreciation, stability and portfolio diversification. However, navigating the complexities of the U.S. tax system and legal environment requires expert advice, and America Mortgages, besides being your mortgage partner, is there with you at every […]

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U.S. Mortgages for Canadian Citizens | America Home Mortgage

Guide to U.S. Mortgages for Canadian Citizens

If you are a Canadian looking to diversify your real estate investment portfolio or simply make the right move by investing in the U.S. property market in 2024, you are at the right place. But can Canadians buy property in the U.S.? Absolutely Yes! – Canadian Citizens can get a U.S. mortgage through America Mortgages. […]

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America Mortgage - Foreign Mortgage Loan

Why Foreign Real Estate Investors Choose the U.S.

Why are foreign real estate investors choosing the U.S. over every other country in the world? Is it the world’s largest real estate market, with over $2.3 trillion transacted last year alone? Perhaps the staggering $53 Billion of U.S. residential homes purchased by foreign nationals in 2023? Maybe they are following Blackstone’s playbook as they also purchased […]

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U.S. Property | Foreign National Mortgage Loan

Hong Kong Businessman Streamlines U.S. Property Holdings with Portfolio Loans

The Client Our client was a Hong Kong businessman who had acquired more than 400 residential properties in the state of Georgia, all with private bank financing from HK. He had an entire administrative team just to keep up with the mortgage payments, insurance, and property taxes. He wanted a simple solution that would reduce […]

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US Mortgage for Non-residents

Feds Have Paused Interest Rates, What Does This Mean to You as an Investor?

The Federal Reserve raised rates 11 times in 2022 and 2023 but are now hitting pause. The decision comes as inflation has risen. The Fed is holding steady, waiting for inflation to ease closer to the target before making any changes. The Federal Reserve’s decisions have a significant impact on the housing market. When they […]

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Foreign Real Estate Investors

The Top 5! Which 5 foreign buyers are buying which 5 U.S. states?

Top 5 Foreign Buyers of U.S. Residential Real Estate* China 13% of total = $13.6B Mexico 11% of total = $4.2B Canada 10% of total = $6.6B India 7% of total = $3.4B Colombia 3% of total = $900M Top 5 States for Foreign Buyers* Florida 23% California 12% Texas 12% North Carolina 4% Arizona […]

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