63-year-old French university professor releases equity from an investment home in St. Louis, Missouri.

Our client came to us from an ad they saw on Facebook.

The Client

Our client came to us from an ad they saw on Facebook. He was reaching retirement age and wanted to buy a small business in Paris but needed additional funds.

How We Helped

Our client was 63 years old and concerned if he could qualify for a mortgage, the amortization period would be extremely short. When he spoke with one of our loan officers, this was his first concern. What makes the U.S. mortgage market unique is that every borrower is looked at the same. Regardless if you are 20 or 80, you still can qualify for a 30-year mortgage term, which makes servicing the monthly debt much more manageable.

We were able to get an equity release of 70% LTV even though the borrower was 63 years old, had no U.S. credit, and was nearing retirement. He was able to buy his business with the funds and enjoy his future retirement.

Loan Details

NationalityProperty ValueLoan AmountLTVRate
French Citizen$580,000$406,00070%5.49% interest servicing only
TermAddressProperty TypePurposeLoan Type
10-year interest-only, which converts to a 30 year fixedSt. Louis, MissouriSingle-Family HomeCash-out Equity release remortgageResidential

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