America Mortgages launches an Equity Release Loan Program to Combat Inflation

America Mortgages introduces an equity release loan to give international investors of U.S. real estate an effective way to pay off debt from inflation.SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, September 9, 2022 / — America Mortgages, Inc. the largest mortgage originator for non-resident foreign nationals and U.S. Expats investing in U.S. real estate and a member of Global Mortgage Group (GMG), today introduced an equity release loan (cash-out) to give international investors of U.S. real estate an effective way to pay off debt that has risen along with inflation.

Globally, everyone is grappling with a higher cost of living expenses and credit – driven by a combination of rising prices, and record-high credit card rates resulting from the Federal Reserve’s aggressive Fed funds rate increases. This combination has consumers looking for options to make their monthly payments more manageable.

“Our goal is to consistently curate U.S. mortgage products that help our non-resident foreign national and U.S. Expat clients achieve their goals,” said Robert Chadwick, CEO of America Mortgages. “In the current market, short-term interest rates have risen sharply – making it much harder to pay off credit card debt and in some cases daily living expenses. This is a global problem that impacts our clients, so it’s important that we act quickly and decisively. With our new America Mortgages equity release loan, clients can improve their lives by cashing-out from their existing U.S. real-estate property holdings, either commercial or residential having a payment they can more comfortably afford while paying off higher interest debt.”

According to the Federal Reserve, in total, there is more than $28 trillion in home equity. At the same time, a recent report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York shows the U.S.’s total household debt stood at $15.84 trillion as of Q1 2022 – $1.7 trillion higher than at the end of 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic. The report also showed that credit card balances in Q1 were $71 billion higher than in 2021. “Although these are U.S. figures, the current situation is global. As 100% of America Mortgages’ clients are living and working abroad but owning U.S. real estate, there needs to be a viable solution for these investors as well. We feel we’ve found one which gives our clients time to reset, relax and breathe.” Chadwick stated.

In all 50 states, global U.S. real estate investors can access up to 80% of their property’s equity in 30-40-year term, fixed-rate loans with interest only options available. This new product fits well into the America Mortgages’ platform, providing a financial solution no matter the need. With a variety of mortgage loan options, foreign national and U.S. Expat borrowers can qualify regardless if they have existing property debt, U.S. credit or income proof.

“America Mortgages’ talented and experienced U.S. focused product strategy and capital markets team members came together quickly to develop this important mortgage product, demonstrating the power and flexibility at America Mortgages,” stated Donald Klip, co-founder of America Mortgages.
Foreign National and U.S. Expats can connect with America Mortgages’ Foreign National and U.S. Expat Mortgage Loan Experts at [email protected] to learn more about this product.

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